Regional Rail Link

Regional Rail Link Regional Rail Link
Client: Vicroads, Thiess & Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure
Area: 35km length
Site Location: Kensington to Werribee
BW Services: Survey


Beveridge Williams’ involvement in the Regional Rail Link project began in 2009 with the establishment of a project control network of survey marks between Deer Park and Werribee. In 2010 extensive surveys for land acquisition purposes were completed for the widening of the existing rail corridor across several sites in Kensington and Footscray and acquisition for the new railway between Deer Park and the Werribee River.

When construction of the project commenced in 2012 Beveridge Williams was engaged by Thiess to undertake boundary definition surveys, set out and as-built surveys as required for the Footscray to Deer Park section of the Regional Rail Link. These surveys were primarily for the construction of fencing and noise walls along the rail way boundary where previous surveys had not been completed. This has led to the re-establishment of most of the railway corridor between Footscray and Deer Park, a distance of 12km, and has involved dealing with very old survey information, complex titles and an ever changing environment.

On the completion of construction of the Footscray to Deer Park project our task for Thiess has become to certify that the construction works have been carried out within the project boundaries. Surveys have also commenced for the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure relating to the future use of excess land.