McPherson Precinct Structure Plan released for exhibition

After more than 2 years of preparation, the McPherson Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) is now on formal exhibition. Beveridge Williams sits on the advisory committee and has assisted the MPA with the development of the current draft Plan.

The new suburb will sit at the edge of Melbourne’s urban growth boundary, in an area originally excluded from the UGB until Beveridge Williams successfully lobbied government for its inclusion, back in 2009.

The MPA in its release notes: ‘As well as enjoying affordable housing, the future 28,000 residents will have access to large open space, town centres, sports fields and schools. The new suburb is expected to support over 10,100 dwellings and more than 1600 local jobs. It will provide a discrete, walkable neighbourhood within a sustainable riverine environment, focusing on the natural features of Cardinia and Clyde Creeks.’

The McPherson Precinct Structure (PSP) plan will open for community consultation on Thursday, June 2.

We are proud to have assisted our numerous clients in this PSP area as they seek to maximise the value of their land.